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ISO 9001 Certificate

PDF ISO 14001 Certificate


1. Everything we do is focused on winning and keeping your trust so you see Zeta as a valued supplier and partner.

2. At all times, we will make it easy for you to contact the people in our company who are handling your business, so you can make exact checks on the progress of your work. 

3. We welcome your input at all stages in the process of production. Every member of our staff is committed to producing products of the quality you require and will do everything in their power to achieve this for you. 

4. We are constantly working towards both quality improvement and cost reduction through teamwork with you, our valued customer.

At all times, we will only knowingly commit to deliver products and services we know we can deliver. You have placed your trust in us and we wish to retain your custom. We will always strive to consistently and reliably deliver aquality, value for money solution.Zeta has gained a reputation for its high-class service in production and problem solving, being both responsive and dynamic in offering cost-effective solutions to meet customer requirements. By this means the company has built up effective and on-going working relationships with its customers.

The company will continue to develop its range of products and services, thereby increasing the business activities and giving greater depth to the company.

Zeta operates in line with the overall requirements of ISO 9001:2000 System standard, and has developed systems to enable it to identify and implement continual improvement in quality of products and service.

The company believes in a system of management that places the emphasis on prevention of failure by continually reviewing operations and taking action to eliminate opportunities for error, and takes into account the needs and expectations of customers in respect of product and quality service. To this end we also undertake to fulfil our legal obligations.

Zeta acknowledges that its employees are an important business asset, and believes in fostering a good company spirit throughout all departments. This policy leads to stability and helps guarantee continuity of work for employees and company alike.

Zeta will ensure that staff members at all levels are adequately trained and competent for the work to which they are assigned.

The company will ensure that the policies outlined above are implemented and maintained throughout the organisation and that all employees are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities.

Our objectives are to retain existing customers, attract new customers and maintain our turnover and profitability year on year. We recognise that one certain means of achieving both profitability and customer satisfaction is a zero rate of customer complaints and hours lost to rework. To this end we have established measurable targets to ensure we work continually towards achieving our objectives. 

Zeta Windings operate out of a single site in Bar Hill Cambridge. This policy provides us with the framework for setting our objectives and targets in respect of environmental management. 

Zeta Windings is committed to developing the business with progressively lower environmental impact.

We shall:

  1. Meet or exceed relevant environmental regulations and laws.
  2. Develop management processes and operational practices to prevent pollution.
  3. Continually improve levels of environmental protection and reduce waste throughout the organisation.
  4. Allow access to environmental performance information to all employees and any other responsible body having reasonable need for it.
  5. Increase knowledge and consciousness about environmental issues among all employees.
  6. Work with suppliers and customers to develop a similarly concerned approach to protection of the environment.
  7. Implement an integrated approach to environmental and quality issues.
  8. Provide appropriate resources to meet these commitments. 
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