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AUDIO TRANSFORMERSAudio transformer design and manufacture
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AUDIO TRANSFORMERSAudio transformer design and manufacture
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Audio transformers - We specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality audio transformers to your exact requirements. Here are the two main types with a brief description.
  • Isolation transformer
  • Step-up / Step-down transformers

Isolation transformers for audio equipment

Isolation transformers, also known as Unity 1:1 transformers as they have the same quantity of windings with the same impedance on both coils. An audio transformer is designed to block DC voltage and RFI (radio frequency interference) so that the audio signal does not change as it passes from the primary to the secondary coil. These coils are insulated from each other providing isolation between different pieces of equipment, hence why they are known as isolation transformers.

Step-up / step-down transformers

Another type of audio transformer is the step-up / step down transformer. In this design the primary and secondary coils have a different number of windings thus creating different impedances. The difference in impedance causes the audio signal to change as it moves through the transformer. For example if the secondary coil has a higher impedance the voltage will increase.

An audio transformer that has multiple secondary coils (taps) can provide a selection of output impedances.

The objectives of an audio transformer

  • Step-up or step-down the signal voltage
  • Allow AC signals while isolating DC signals
  • Increase or decrease impedance
  • Electrically isolate one audio device from the other
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