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Transformers for medical equipment - We specialise in the design and manufacture of isolating transformers for medical equipment. All our transformers are designed in line with IEEE and ROSH directives and comply with Medical BS EN 60601, Technical Equipment BS EN 60950, Safety Isolating BS EN 61558 (60742) regulations.

Medical transformer isolation
Medical transformers are designed primarily to isolate the patient/operator from a potential electric shock and secondly to protect the medical equipment itself from power surges or faulty components.

Isolation transformers for medical equipment

There are generally two ways to isolate a medical transformer firstly through a safety ground which isolates the primary and secondary windings by use of a safety shield. If the insulation of this shield breaks the electricity goes straight to ground ensuring a safe isolation.

The second way to isolate medical transformers is by using reinforced insulation. This insulation is made up of multiple layers. Their is no safety shield in this type of transformer but multiple layers of insulation provide isolation. Usually these transformers will have a lower leakage current that one that uses a safety shield.

The objectives of an isolation transformer

  • To protect the operator and patient from electric shock
  • Isolate the circuits within equipment
  • Suppress power surges
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