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Step down transformers - A transformer is a device that steps up or steps down the voltage applied to the primary windings (input voltage), giving you a different voltage on the secondary windings (output). This is achieved when the primary circuit's changing current creates a changing magnetic field; in turn this magnetic field induces a changing voltage in the secondary circuit.

Step down transformers

When a transformers secondary voltage is lower than the primary voltage the transformer is known as a step down transformer.

As there are no moving parts in a transformer making them very efficient, with some transformers operating at 99% efficiency. The primary components for voltage transformation are the transformer's core and coil. Insulation is placed between the turns of wire to prevent shorting to one another or to ground. This is typically comprised of nomex, craft paper, mylar, varnish, or other insulating materials.

As a transformer has no moving parts, it will typically have a life expectancy between 20 and 25 years if the correct rated transformer is used for the applied load.

Transformers can be manufactured into all shapes and sizes but all operate under the same basic principles.

We can design and supply step down transformers to the specifications you require.

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